Nominated as best feature documentary at the AFI /Discovery Channel Silver Docs Festival, this New York Times Critics Choice television documentary is a rare look behind the frame with world press award-winner Ron Haviv. Ranked the third most influential photographer in the world by American Photo Magazine, Haviv and other prominent journalists from New York Times, AP and Newsweek document the fall of a multi-ethnic society in the Balkans and reveal what can happen anywhere when fear turns to hatred.

With an opening by Richard Gere, this award winning television documentary has been translated into 12 languages and broadcast worldwide. Tibet: Beyond Fear highlights the remarkable courage of Ngawang, a Buddhist nun and Bagdro, a Buddhist monk who at 13 and 20 years old, led freedom demonstrations against the Chinese repression of Tibet.  Following a brutal military crackdown, they’re arrested and endure horrific torture until a global movement culminates in their release. Through the power of a positive mind and inspired by the Dalai Lama, Bagdro and Ngawang find a way beyond fear.

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