With an opening by Richard Gere, this award winning television documentary has been translated

into 12 languages and broadcast worldwide. Tibet: Beyond Fear highlights the remarkable courage

of Ngawang, a Buddhist nun and Bagdro, a Buddhist monk who at 13 and 20 years old, led freedom demonstrations against the Chinese repression of Tibet.  Following a brutal military crackdown,

they’re arrested and endure horrific torture until a global movement culminates in their release.

Through the power of a positive mind and inspired by the Dalai Lama, Bagdro and Ngawang find

a way beyond fear.

“Beyond Fear is remarkable, powerful and timely. One of the few documentaries selected as an Artist For Amnesty film, it offers a rarely seen window into the treatment of political prisoners and the strategic plan human rights organizations implement that can lead to their release.

“This story documents the struggle to confront fear, anger and suffering with a positive mind. It is a great lesson to be learned at this critical time.”

This film was made possible with generous support from the Tibetan community including: International Campaign for Tibet, Students For Free Tibet,Tibet Information Network, The Tibet House, Office of Tibet, the Rubin Museum For Himalayan Art, Amnesty International and Home Planet Productions.

"Beyond Fear is an important and inspiring film that will add a critical dimension to any course in humanities, history, religion, human rights, and Asian studies."

T. Kumar,

Advocacy Director Asia

Amnesty International

Tenzin T.

President: Dalai Lama Foundation

Founder: Tibet Fund, Tibet House and 

International Campaign for Tibet

Professor Tethong

History Department, Stanford University


                                 The New York Times

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