Mtv Features Rejectionist Front On Their “sound Of Revolution” Feature:

RELEASE DATE: 09/11/2015

“Occupy Cred: In addition to performing and being on the Occupy album, their frontman heads several Occupy working groups and is pretty much trying to singlehandedly save the world. (Seriously. Before Occupy he was involved with Save Darfur.)”

01. Testify (live)
02. Bombtrack (live)
03. People Of The Sun (live)
04. Know Your Enemy (live)
05. Bulls On Parade (live)
06. Township Rebellion (live)
07. Bullet In The Head (live)
08. White Riot (live)
09. Guerrilla Radio (live)
10. Sleep Now In The Fire (live)
11. Freedom (live)
12. Killing In The Name (live)