New Album What About The People

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2022

This MRI/Sony Music released album asks the question What About The People with great urgency and power. The accompanying music videos have had millions of You Tube views. The first single “What About The People” is a high energy, rock anthem that highlights the interconnectedness of all people. The second single “Could Have Been Me” is rap/rock track that tells heart breaking true stories of racial injustice while calling out for empathy and action as we unify for a better future. “ Living For Today” is an inspiring song with a big chorus that celebrates living each day like it’s our last.

01. What About The People
02. Could Have Been Me
03. Everything Gonna Be Alright
04. Begin Again
05. Someone
06. Living For Today
07. Masaya
08. That’s How We Roll
09. Take It Back
10. Been Around The World
11. See The Light
12. Get Together
13. In The Beat